You Won’t Believe What She Did

One of my neighbors absolutely amazes me. In her mid-50’s, she decides to follow her dreams to start a brand new career. She asks my husband and me to pray about ways she can earn a living from her creativity. 

She’s brave. She’s inspiring. She’s always, always imagining new and wonderful things for her life. Whether she’s tending her enormous garden, teaching classes, working at museums, quilting, or dreaming up new novels, she always has something she’s thinking about trying. I don’t think she has a lazy moment. The older she gets, the braver she becomes.

When we walk together, I hear about her life of adventure. I want to be like this in 20 years.

Most recently, she launched a fine art photography website to display her incredible photos of her travels across the world. She now attends various art festivals and blesses the world with her particular aesthetic vision.

If you visit her new website, you will simply love what you see.  She’s at Enjoy! (My favorite photographs are the scenes in Italy with the cobalt blue boats. These I want above my writing desk.)

This morning, I consider how–if she hadn’t been brave, if she hadn’t tried it, if she hadn’t risked, if she hadn’t taken that step into the unknown–the world wouldn’t have these photos. She’s teaching me to not keep art to myself.

There’s a world to bless with your particular eye. Please be brave and show us what you see.

Are you venturing out into a new thing? Let us know all about it!


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One thought on “You Won’t Believe What She Did

  1. Thank You Heather! I am truly blessed to have an encouraging friend like you that helped me achieve this dream!
    Love, your brave photographer neighbor

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