We Do Not Know What We Do Not Know

I stop and notice the veins on the tree leaves this afternoon.

In darker leaves, one can’t always see the intricate nutrient delivery system within the leaf. On these lighter leaves, you can. And on these particular leaves, the venation is reticulate. Leaves, apparently, can have one of many kinds of vein patterns with different names.

I had no idea.

Suddenly, I think that I should go back to school for more and more degrees. I want to study leaf veins. I want to learn about leaf anatomy–the sinuses, petioles, midribs, and lobes. Did you even know such words existed in leaf terminology? Have you ever even read the word venation before?

The world is stunning in its beauty and complexity. We simply do not know what we do not know.

What would you like to study if you could?


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