The Best Definition of Freedom: 4 Things

I’m reading Ruth Haley Barton’s Longing for More: A Woman’s Path to Spiritual Transformation in Christ. She writes in the introduction that “the whole spiritual journey could be characterized as a journey into freedom.”

I’ve got my pen poised above the book as the early morning sun shines on me. I’m ready for this. I want to learn more. I love the pause in summertime when I ask questions towards my own spiritual growth.

The writer considers how when Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:17 that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom,” this means something deeply profound.

It means, according to Barton, “the freedom to be completely given over to God and to others in love in any given moment. It is the ability to live from an inner security, freed from self-interest, self-consciousness, and self-protection. This is the freedom to live a life of utter responsiveness to the Spirit of God within us. . .”

Completely given over to God and others in love. 

Living from inner security. 

Free from self.

Utterly responsive. 

This is my prayer in my journal today. This is the best definition of freedom, and I’m excited for God to work it out in me. At any given moment, I pray for utter responsiveness and that kind of authentic love.

Do you feel utterly responsive?


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