Mom, Have You Blogged About the Coconut Yet?

We’re eating pizza at a local restaurant, and the very special dessert is coconut bread pudding–cooked and served in a coconut.

You know my problem with coconut: I love it!
After you eat the bread pudding, you can eat the baked coconut meat that still lines the shell. Then, you can take the shell home to use as something.
My youngest is overjoyed and full of amazement. She uses her coconut as a cup and walks around the house as she drinks from it.
For days, she asks if I’ve shared this glorious situation with the world. 
I forget what counts as amazing. 

I forget to think about life like a child. This beautiful earth produces coconuts! Alert the media!
What small thing currently amazes a child in your life?

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One thought on “Mom, Have You Blogged About the Coconut Yet?

  1. For a too short season we went to a restaurant that served imported sorbets for dessert. The chocolate came in a cocoa pod, lemon in a lemon, coconut in a small coconut shell, peach in a peach shell; they were wonderful!

    The other week I watched a young girl at church discover how the late afternoon sun turned the beads on her flip flops to diamonds shooting sparkles across the floor as she turned her foot this way and that. My feet felt a bit of jealousy trapped in ordinary walking sandals.

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