Ignoring Your Most Basic Instinct

You would think I would just drink water all day long, but I don’t.

I learn today that a large percentage of the population has a reduced thirst sensation (meaning they don’t feel thirsty even when they actually are). We need water so very badly, and yet we don’t drink it.

I used to often grab a coffee, a carbonated beverage, or a nice iced tea all the while dehydrating myself. The thirst signal goes away, but I’m still thirsty. These beverages don’t hydrate; they’re like negative water.

I’m thinking about these things because when we travel to higher altitudes this summer, everyone tells me to double my water intake. If not, watch out for headaches, fatigue, nausea, and moodiness.

Double my water? Oh no! I’m suddenly aware that I can go a whole day and not drink water at all. 

At all! This is crazy! 

I started to carry a water bottle everywhere and challenged myself to drink 64 ounces a day. What would happen? For me, it’s clear skin, moist eyes that can finally tolerate contacts, deep sleep, energy, and weight loss. Others report alleviated joint pain, focus, and better health all around.

Water! It’s water! We’re thirsty, and we don’t know it.

What’s your strategy for water intake?


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