“Always Make New Mistakes”

Today I see a fun magnet in a bookstore. It simply says, “Always make new mistakes.”

I smile because it’s exactly the kind of mindset that sets someone free to do extraordinary things.

My youngest considers the strange advice, and I can tell she’s wondering about this. Normally, she hears advice to do her best, accomplish more, and earn good grades. But this? This tells her to commit herself to a particular kind of failure.

This kind of failure gives you permission. It sets you on a no-holding-back kind of adventure. Go, child! Get out there and make incredible mistakes as you live the fullest life possible. 

This, I can do.

I imagine us waking up tomorrow and breathing a great sigh of relief. We’re implored to get out there and make some new mistakes.

I plan on making some marvelous ones.



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