Praying Away the Thing You Should Welcome

I had just been lamenting the fact that ladybugs will most certainly bother me again this summer. It drives me crazy when they sneak in the windows and end up in my house. One year, the whole wall seemed covered with them.

Another year, I spent each week vacuuming more dead ladybugs than you can imagine.

Oh, the ladybugs drive me crazy! Oh, Lord, just send them away!

Later, I’m out in my yard near my most precious Winterberry Bush, and I notice a sticky substance on each leaf. Then, I see them.

Black aphids everywhere! They’re eating my bush!

But then, I see what’s eating the aphids: ladybugs.

Come, ladybugs! You’re welcome here! We love you! I know you are the predator of the very thing I need removed!

I wonder how many things I pray away that I should welcome instead.



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