New and Improved Hamburger Cupcakes (We’ve Improved Our Technique)

I’m thankful for edible paper made of sugar.

We’re really improving our technique with the hamburger cupcakes.

This means I can cut out lettuce and cheese for my hamburger cupcakes without having to color and roll out fondant.  If you remember, first, we had plain old hamburgers. Then we used fondant to make cheeseburgers. (click links for the pictures and recipes)

Now, paper. Yes, we find edible sugar sheets just for decorating.

Lettuce from Edible Sugar Sheets

Cheese from Sugar Sheets

The end result?

Hamburgers with cheese and lettuce, carried to school proudly.

One daughter turns 8 tomorrow. I’m off to hang the piñata!

I really love cupcakes, and these were a hit. Enjoy!


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