The Return of the Extravagant Omelet: Artichoke and Crab

I’ve rediscovered my love of omelets.

The whole concept of folding in all my favorite veggies or cheeses into a nice little pocket of protein yumminess just makes me happy. Plus, you can cut up everything the night before and make little baggies of chopped onion, pepper, and mushrooms to pour over your cooking eggs.

I’ve been inventive before church this morning.  I match artichoke hearts and crab meat (my husband expresses his disdain), a dash of hot sauce, and all my breakfast hopes and dreams with the whisked eggs.

It’s delicious.

In case you’ve never ventured into the realm of omelets, here you go:

Whisk together one egg and one egg white.
Pour into a small pan and let cook over medium heat for a minute.
Gently pour in 1/4 cup of chopped artichoke hearts and 1/3 cup crab meat (fresh or canned).
Add two drops of hot sauce, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Cook until edges are firm (another minute). Gently fold the omelet in half. Continue cooking and flip over.

Living with flair means inventive extravagance. Why not? I feel like I’m dining in some exotic seaside resort that dares to make artichoke and crab omelets.

Do you have a favorite omelet combination? I love swiss cheese and peppers!


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