I’ll Just Stand Here

I’m talking with my friend, and she reminds me of what it means to just stand by your friends. You quietly, faithfully, and prayerfully carry her burdens. You can’t solve anything or say the right thing.

So you just stand there with her. Sometimes, you hug her.

As I’m talking, my dramatic kitty rolls over and covers her face with one paw. Woe is me! I cannot face the world!

As if on cue, Jack arrives and stands by her. Every once in a while, he offers a little nudge.

It’s a perfect reminder. The One-Eyed Cat stands by the Despairing Cat. He can’t offer much, but he can stand by her.

Is there a friend who just needs you to stand with her or him?


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3 thoughts on “I’ll Just Stand Here

  1. So lovely! I can't believe you caught that picture in time. Do you just carry your camera with you at all times? My cat would have spazzed out if I tried to photograph it. And you're right, much of the time all we can do is stand by a friend in despair and trust in God to do what we cant do for them.

  2. Yes. I have a ticket to BlogPaws in VA, am able to stay with my youngest sister there, but must give it up; my BFF in SD has breast cancer – she's starting radiation after a lumpectomy. I'm going home during that time to stand by her.

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