“I Hope You’ll Make Them Sing”

Last night, we attend my daughter’s choir concert. At certain points, the amazing music teacher instructs the audience to sing along.

It was a packed house–standing room only–so when we weren’t quite loud enough, we had to sing again. We were timid, self-conscious, and unsure of ourselves.

Not for long.

At the end of the performance, the music teacher tells us of a conversation she had with her friend prior to the concert. He says about the audience, “Well, with that many people altogether, I hope you’ll make them sing.”

Of course! When a group of people gather, it’s only natural to invite them to sing. Why wouldn’t we? It suddenly seemed so obvious: we’re here, so let’s sing!

We loved it. Hundreds of parents, grandparents, siblings, community members, teachers, and our principal (who took a million photographs) sang a Beatles song at the top of their lungs, throwing their hands in the air.

It was so loud around me that I didn’t care that I was completely out of tune. With that many people singing, it just all blends together into one beautiful thing.

It made me consider another aspect of building community: singing.

We were singing together, and I wished for more.

When was the last time, other than church or a birthday party, did you sing with a group of people?


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One thought on ““I Hope You’ll Make Them Sing”

  1. I used to sing to senior citizens in retirement communities and they would sing along with the old songs. I tried to get back into it and now it's become a cut throat, money making business.. Sad : (

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