Some Spring Kitchen Whimsy: Let Children Paint the Silverware Holder

We’re Spring Cleaning around here, and as I clean the crumbs from the silverware holder, I notice all the beautiful white paint has chipped off.

I want to buy another one to freshen up the kitchen, but my husband reminds me we can just paint each section with fresh white paint.

At the same time, I’m cleaning out the craft cabinet and gathering all the vibrant acrylic paints in one spot. Why use plain old white when you can use deep sea blues, rain forest greens, mandarin oranges? What about blushing pinks, royal purples, and warm lavenders? And don’t forget the buttery, sunny yellows.

“Let’s paint each section something bright and cheery!” You don’t have to convince my daughters.

They work together and plan their strategy.

I love the rippling texture of the blue and green. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Nobody cares about perfect today.  We care about splashes of color and kitchen whimsy.

Besides, once filled, you can’t see all the drips and smears going up the sides. 

I love it. Every time I reach for a fork or a spoon, I actually smile. I’m going to remember this day when my girls are off to college. I’ll reach for a cereal spoon and burst into tears. 

What’s the most whimsical thing in your kitchen?


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