Goodnight Toes: A Tuck In Blessing

My daughters are too old for the “tuck in blessing” I performed when they were toddlers. Back then, they loved how I put each and every body part to sleep and then blessed it. I’d ask God to take those little feet to extraordinary places. I invoked a blessing over the knees so God might strengthen them for the new day.

Thighs, hips, tummies, hearts, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and delicate fingers. Chins, mouths, noses, and eyes. Minds. Hair growing on heads.

Each part was tucked in for the evening and blessed.

Last night, I don’t know what comes over me, but I ask my older daughters if they want the tuck in blessing. “You mean Night-Night Toes?” They remember.

I bless their eyes so God will illuminate the beauty and wonder of the world in what they see. I bless their mouths–the ones filling up with adult teeth–so they would speak joy and kindness out to the world.

Goodnight toes. Goodnight hair. I’m glad I brought back the full body tuck in blessing.

Wouldn’t you like to be tucked in tonight with a full body blessing?


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