When You Write to Heal Your Heart

Today I receive the sad news that a dear friend’s son has died from cancer. I’ve followed this journey through her eyes as she wrote every day. This morning, I read the big sister’s thoughts on losing her little brother. She calls this entry, “A Time to Dance,” and it’s so hard to read without crying–not just because she’s grieving, but because she’s also getting married in two days.

I’m a writing teacher. I talk about writing all day long. All morning, I find myself marveling once again over those brave souls who take a pen to paper (or a finger to a keyboard) and dare to write because they must.

Something happens when we write. It helps heal. It incarnates thought, and I’ll never get over the mystery of it.

On the same day I read “A Time to Dance,” I read a father’s account of his daughter turning nine years old. This wonderful piece articulates something so beautiful that I can’t believe I’ve lived without these words.  I wept for an entirely different reason (or maybe it’s the same reason).

Death and celebration of life–in words–on the same day. I’m so thankful for brave writers.

Has writing helped heal you?


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2 thoughts on “When You Write to Heal Your Heart

  1. Has writing helped heal you?

    Sir Francis Bacon observed that reading makes a full man,
    conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. Writing keeps showing me how little I know about all upon
    which I long to be expert – and writing holds up a mirror to my heart demanding
    I cut out the malarkey and become teachable. Therein I find help and hope – and a goad to keep

  2. Last night a friend called and I shared difficult thoughts. She said, “You must write this.” And I said, “No, it's too hard.” But all day, her words have stayed in my heart with those thoughts that need to heal. Thank you for writing today.

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