The Most Beautiful Sounds in the World

We’re talking about what we take for granted when we hear things, and my students compile a list of the “most beautiful sounds” in the world. Suddenly, I find myself thankful and joyous over simple things:

The sound of a lawnmower on a summer day.
The sound of horses galloping.
The sound of coffee percolating.
The sound of ocean waves, rain on the roof, leaves crunching underfoot.
What about church bells ringing, fire crackling, cats purring, and bacon sizzling? 

Others say waterfalls, thunder, singers in harmony, harps, and drums.

Some remind us about children laughing, bubbles popping, and fingers snapping.

It’s a great day to listen and rejoice.

What is your favorite sound?


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2 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Sounds in the World

  1. I love how I can often find a lesson plan nestled in your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your activities. My students benefit from your insights and inspirations.

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