The Hill Hasn’t Changed

Some days, the long climb up the hill to school just seems so steep.

I’m lagging behind the rest, hunching over, and methodically placing one boot in front of the other. I can’t make it, people! Come carry me!

I do make it to the top.

We all do.

We always do. For five years we’ve walked this walk. It’s the same hill every day. That’s how I know I’ll make it. The hill hasn’t changed; this is just one tired morning.

I remember this: Some days, you put one boot in front of the other and press on. You can’t trust your feelings about a circumstance. You will make it. The hill hasn’t changed. Tomorrow, you might race up that same little incline and think nothing of it. I know because I’ve been five years walking it.

Isn’t it amazing how different our circumstances look according to the mood we’re in?


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