Take Your Seat

Last night, I study Ephesians 2:6 with graduate students who always enlighten me. I can’t take my eyes or mind off the simple word, “seated.” The verse claims that “God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms.”

We talk about being seated. So much of our lives is a clamor and competition to get a seat at the table. We want to be recognized, approved of, and applauded. Much of what we do is for the sole purpose of impressing.

Why? Why impress? Simply to feel like we belong at some great party with the coolest and most clever, the sought after and the important?

I ask God to help me stop trying to impress. I realize the greatest truth that I’m already seated at the table. I’m already included, recognized, approved of, and applauded by God himself.

So I’m not going to impress you anymore; I don’t have to.

When did you stop trying to impress everyone? Teach the rest of us!


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One thought on “Take Your Seat

  1. When I saw that some people were just pretending to be impressed and also when those that I did impress never had any benefit on my behalf anyway. Imparting and imprinting is more important than impressing.. Teachers already do this and I approve of that.
    1 Thess.2:4

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