I’ve Lowered My Standards

This morning, we rejoice that it’s 30 degrees outside. We can’t believe our good fortune! We can’t believe we can walk to school without going numb. Since it’s been 8 degrees in the morning for the last two weeks, this sudden change seems so wonderful.

We simply cannot take this for granted.

As I walk behind the crowd of dads and moms and eager children, I remember how much we all complained when it went from the 50’s to the 30’s. The very same temperature nearly devastated us. Then  it was too cold! Then it was terrible and impossible!

Today, however, after a new reality of really cold, we’ve lowered our standards. We’re thankful. We’re rejoicing.

I begin to consider the ways in which God makes one truly thankful.  Out of sickness, we rejoice in a single healthy day; out of joint pain, we celebrate a small moment of movement; out of depression, we dance over any sustained sense of happiness. Out of our lack, we receive blessing differently. We simply cannot take the smallest thing for granted.

It’s like God has taught me to lower my standards so that the muckiest of days shows forth beauty.

Maybe that’s the only way it happens: we’re lowered down into some dark, deep, frozen place because it’s the only way we’ll really recognize the bright warm light.

Have you learned to be thankful for something you once took for granted?


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