In Unlooked-For Directions

Today, the sun comes out after many dark days. It’s so bright that my mood cannot help but flutter up to that sun. I stand and bask in it. It’s not warm, really, it’s just so bright.

I think of a line in a Walt Whitman poem. He writes, “The sun bursts through in unlooked-for directions.”

Something about that bright sun and the phrase “unlooked-for” reminds me of the blessings that come right when we’ve stopped looking for them. The marks of the supernatural burst through in those places we forget to consider and note.  Maybe blessings seek out the unlooked-for hiding place and make a dwelling there.

I think of all the beautiful friendships, all the wonderful experiences, and all the wonderful joys God brought when I was looking the other way and expecting something else. So much of life comes about unlooked-for. 

Today, I don’t strain and stretch. I let the sunlight fall on me, and I follow the light in unlooked-for directions.

Don’t you love the bright sun on a snowy day?


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