For Dear Life

I watch the way the snow piles atop the fence and bushes. It’s a clingy sort of snow today. Snowflakes latch on for dear life and form tall mounds.

Come on, Little Snowflake! Fall right here. We’ve got you.

It does look like community to me. 

It’s perfect packing snow today. I think about how many millions of snowflakes comprise just one snowball. Is it snowing where you are? 


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2 thoughts on “For Dear Life

  1. Cool photo. Yesterday the snow was also coming down around me so small that you can almost not see it – you just feel it on your face. This type of microscopic snow reminded me of a day two years ago when I was feeling a bit lost and down – asking God where He was as I took my trash to the end of the yard. The sun just minutely broke through the clouds and I felt this cold mist on my face as I looked up and could see the fine particles of ice, with colors from the sun shining through them. It made me smile and I felt like a child in my heart as God was layering His love on me, like the snow in your photo – reassuring me that He is still there.

  2. I love the photograph! All those prickly little flakes!
    We did have snow but I was too cold to go out on an adventure such as yours, and now I see my loss. I have to hope for more snow!

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