All Kinds of Living

It wasn’t exactly an easy journey to school. With a two hour delay, I thought by 10:30 AM, the plows would have cleared the snow.

No. Not at all.

With my daughters bundled in their seats, we barely make it down the street. My tires spin, and I’m fishtailing it up the hill. To make things worse, a construction crew handles traffic via two-way radios and hand-held stop signs to randomly tell drivers–who can hardly stop, much less start again–when to stop and go.

My daughter grips her seat for dear life. It’s very quiet in the car as we look at the frozen hill ahead and all the cars around us.

I say, “We’ll make it. It’s just a different kind of driving today.”

I’m really comforting myself. It’s true. We will make it. Some days just require a different kind of driving. You take what the day gives, and you manage it. Some days require both hands on the wheel. Some days you have the windows down and you’re flying. Some days, you barely make it.

We might spin and fishtail the whole way and go when we’re supposed to stop and remain frozen when we’re supposed to go, but we will make it. It will take longer, and we’ll grab our seats in fear, but we’ll make it. Nobody said it would be easy. I want to remember that when life doesn’t present the smooth kind of road I’m hoping for.

Praise God I’ve learned all kinds of ways to drive.

Some days require a different way of living, don’t you think?


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