A Quick Look Out

The flair moment came today while I read my friend’s update about her son’s battle with cancer. While waiting in the ICU day after day, she updates his progress on the Facebook page called, “Praying for Ian Peterson.”

Today, she reports that a nurse came in to empty the trash and “reminded [her] to look outside” to see the snow falling.

I love nurses. I really, really do. I love hearing Cindy’s report of what the nurses do, and I tear up when I hear of the ones that come and check on Ian even on their day off or when it’s not their shift.

So Cindy looks outside and sees the beautiful snow falling while her sweet boy fights. And then she writes about it.

In our circumstances that engulf and discourage, there’s a window somewhere that reveals a glorious snowfall.

We might need to look outside, and then write about it even though–or maybe especially because–we are in a great long battle. 
Please pray for Ian! He’s doing better today after many, many days of battle.

PS: Here’s the promised photo of the amazing pasta salad.

Maybe you need to try a new recipe as a quick look out from your circumstances today.


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