You Just Haven’t Met Them Yet

I’m amazed every time.

Just when I think my circle of interesting people has closed, I meet a whole new class of incredible people.

I’m sitting in an empty classroom, and they begin to arrive like little trickles of an incoming tide. Some talk. Some don’t. Some smile. Some don’t. By the end of the hour, I know about their hometowns, their travels, their dream careers, and their nicknames. 

Some will remain as lifelong teacher-student relationships. Some won’t. For some, I’ll write recommendations for law school, first jobs, or promotions. For others, I’ll get wedding invitations, Christmas cards, and birth announcements. I’ll get updates about publications, film and Broadway roles, and teaching internships.

People fascinate me. I could hear their stories and follow their lives all day. Maybe that’s one reason I love teaching so much and perhaps why it feels so natural to me. The teacher is the student of the student. I’m studying them, fascinated. Maybe, too, this speaks to that inescapable urge to write novels. I can’t get away from stories. I can’t wait to hear yours.

On days that feel particularly small and lonely, I remember that the whole world is full of glorious people to know and care for. There are stories to hear and lives to study.

I sit in the empty classroom. Here they come. 

Do you find yourself fascinated by people?


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3 thoughts on “You Just Haven’t Met Them Yet

  1. We are so like-hearted in this, Heather; I could have written several of your sentences. Yes, I find people absolutely fascinating…and find myself amazed by the God who created such an astounding variety of humans. I love hearing and reading people's stories, and that's one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much. The snippets from your life brighten my often solitary days. Thank you!

  2. The other day, as I sat in my favorite bakery/coffee shop, I watched a father (or grandfather) and his son (about 3?) completely enjoy one another. They talked, shared a bowl of soup, child sat on dad's lap and waved as people left. When they prepared to leave, I stepped over and told them how they had made my day. Dad laughed – we have a lot of fun; son wandered off through the other diners, everyone watching him and pointing dad in his direction.

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