“There’s More to Life Than Being Happy”

A dear friend–who blogs at Grapes into Wine directs me to a fascinating article called, “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy.”  I immediately ask my students to read this text because we’re grappling with what it means to pursue happiness.

In this article (which will take you just a few moments to read), you’ll find what researchers argue is better than happiness.

It’s meaning.

A meaningful life, studies show, makes you feel better than happiness does.

Can you believe it? Self-sacrifice, aligning with a higher cause, and giving rather than taking actually is better for your well-being than the pursuit of happiness.

Living with flair means we seek meaning over happiness.


What did you think of the article?


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One thought on ““There’s More to Life Than Being Happy”

  1. So fascinating. Discomforting that about 4 out of 10 Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose yet “happiness” is at an all-time high. All the more reason we need blogs like yours and teachers like you who challenge what it means to be truly “happy!”

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