Save It For the Worst Hours

I realize that I completely go downhill after 2:00 PM.

I’m always at my best between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  From noon till 2:00 PM, I’m just OK, but after 2:00 PM, it’s so much harder to be creative.

So I save the mindless activities for the late afternoon and evening when I have no creative energy anyway. I’m learning that I can save cleaning toilets and folding laundry till then. I can scrub floors, organize desks, and vacuum. I can clean dishes.

But I can’t work on novels, plan lessons, grade, or blog. That’s for morning.

It’s taken me three decades to realize I have good hours and bad hours.

So I match activities to what kind of energy they’ll require. I save the mindless things for the worst part of the day.

Are your best hours early or late? 


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2 thoughts on “Save It For the Worst Hours

  1. My best hours are after 1200 noon. Years ago, I worked the evening shift (3-11 PM); it was great – I ran, wrote and read after I got home about midnight :). Now I work night shifts. Finding best hours can be tough depending on family/responsibilities.

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