Grieving Your Limits

I learned this past year that emotionally mature people know how to grieve their limits.

I remember this today as I decide I just cannot attempt the Sushi Cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday.

In years past, I managed the Hamburger Cupcakes, the Green Apple Cupcakes, and even the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

But I’ve reached my limits when I view the recipe for Sushi Cupcakes.

I tell my daughter, and she simply replies, “No problem. What about just normal cupcakes?”

In 2013, I’m realizing that I can be average, imperfect, and just plain limited. Somewhere out there, men and women design amazing Sushi Cupcakes, and I, my friends, am not one of these people.

Isn’t it so freeing to know your limits?


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5 thoughts on “Grieving Your Limits

  1. Heather, designer cupcakes? You go girl! (Or not, as the case may be.) You and I are on the same page. Last night I was invited to a lovely girls night out with friends, games, food and wine. I had to decline because we already had plans for a family meeting. We could have rescheduled, but in the end, it was the right thing to let go of an outing. The kids went back to school today and we needed routine.

  2. No need to grieve limitations! The ancient epic poems teach us the heroism in accepting our limits in order to transcend them in ways that are suited to our abilities. Celebrate your limits! They allow you do accomplish other wonderful things.

  3. I could never even think about sushi cupcakes let alone making them. But it is so good to know we can just be who God made us to be. WE don't have to be “wonder woman” or “super chef”….we can still say I love you so very simply. Thanks Heather. Great reflection!

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