God’s Mercy. . . In Whatever Form It Takes

I’ve always thought that God simply cannot resist us when we appeal to His tender mercy. 

We cry out. He answers. He loves to show us His great mercy

I read over and over again about this “God who is rich in mercy” and how the Psalmist prays that God’s “mercy [will come] quickly to meet us, for we are in great need.” I read in Isaiah, even, that: In all their distress He too was distressed, and the angel of His presence saved them. In His love and mercy He redeemed them; He lifted them up and carried them.

I know that we have a merciful, wonderful God. When I pray for mercy, however, it often comes in the form I do not expect or want. But I think I know what it should look like. 

It suddenly occurs to me to pray, “God, I want to receive your mercy today, in whatever form it may take. I don’t want to limit God or imagine what mercy looks like. I want to look through the lens that it’s all His great, tender mercy today. 

Did mercy take on a form you didn’t expect?  



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