A Nest Filled with Snow

The sun explodes onto the backyard this morning. We shade our eyes from the snow’s reflection of her. The whole scene sparkles and shimmers.

My youngest stands by the window to watch all the winter birds at the feeder. The Northern Cardinals, in particular, feast and then fly about the yard. We count seven birds that scatter when we pull on our boots to try to capture a photo.

The Northern Cardinal still stands devoted to that Winterberry bush. We talk about that old nest–the one the birds either add to or rebuild each year–that’s now filled with snow. That poor nest! A nest filled with snow and not baby birds!

That’s just what this season means. Our hearts are open nests for growing things, but maybe now’s the time to fatten up spiritually and strengthen ourselves emotionally as we get ready for spring.

Meanwhile, I wait in the kitchen and will try again tomorrow to take photos of these beautiful winter birds.

Do you feel like you are fattening up spiritually and emotionally this season?


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One thought on “A Nest Filled with Snow

  1. How you are able to draw a line from a snow filled nest to spiritual health makes me keep reading your blog. This year I've not met my January challenges but in attempting to meet them, feel I'm setting myself up for guided change year round – a big change is community engagement beyond dog rescue! This includes actually getting to church, attending a concert, making small talk (eeek!), etc. I appreciate your daily insights even when I don't comment daily.

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