A Mouse Walks By, and the Three Cats Sleep

We have a mouse in our house! He’s fat, fast, and audacious. I mean, we have three cats. Three cats!

My husband sets a live trap so we can catch the mouse and release him back to the woods. Come on cats! Help us get this mouse! Let’s move!

No answer. 

Jack wakes up, looks at me with that glaring one-eye, and seems so annoyed. Snowflake lifts her head and begs to return to her napping.

Well, excuse me, Cats. I’m so sorry to disturb you.

I won’t even look at that trap! I don’t like mice!


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5 thoughts on “A Mouse Walks By, and the Three Cats Sleep

  1. Stunning pictures as always. Your cats are very photogenic and expressive, if not very effective mouse trappers. Hey, can't be good at everything!

  2. It will come back and bring the family.
    We caught a mole one year, I thought it was rather cute and I begged hubby to just take it to the back of our three acres. He did. Within a week, what yard we had was destroyed. After long years of country living, I can say that mice always move in with a family and I have never met one I liked to share the house with.
    My man deals with all small intruders, no questions asked.

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