Return to Joy

This morning, I wake up after a day in bed with a fever and aches.  The sun finally shines, and the whole world seems to sparkle. 

It’s true.  I see it again after all this rain.

The children and I find a robin’s egg on the walk to school.

Robin’s Egg on the Walk

We see glorious flowers illuminated by a rising sun.  

I turn to my garden, and I find evidence of a great harvest to come. 

The blackberries blossom with promise. 

 The lilac and iris fragrance the whole yard. 

The whole earth is full of Joy. 

Don’t you love that first sun after days of rain? 


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4 thoughts on “Return to Joy

  1. Yes! This morning the light is so beautiful sending sparkles off every lingering raindrop.  I had to go out and walk in the beauty.
    I'm so glad you were well to walk and see and share with us.

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