Every Competing Source of Noise: A Life Lesson from a Videographer

I’m talking to a videographer this morning before an interview about my life and ministry, and I find myself fascinated by the audio set up for a film shoot.  The lighting comes first, but then you spend a significant amount of time reducing ambient noise in a room.

But I hear nothing.  It seems perfectly quiet in here to me.

It’s not.

It’s extremely loud by filming standards.

It’s so very loud, and I don’t even realize it. 

If you spend time with a videographer, you begin to think about sound in a whole new way. You must eliminate every competing source of noise to get the audio input you want. 

I’m struck by how I might change my life’s distractions and input to better approximate filming standards. I wonder what competing source of input I might silence today in order to hear the One Clear Voice directing my life.   

Of course it’s hard to hear the Lord on some days.  I have noise everywhere–from a hundred sources (including my own voice)–that make hearing clearly impossible. 

So I attend to my audio set up and move on into the day. 

Have you found competing sources of input that make it hard to hear God? 


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