The Book You Would Write in 2012

I decide to skim my journals from 1993 till now.  Then I reread some blog posts from 2010 till now.  This takes all morning, three cups of coffee, and patience reading all the recorded tantrums between me and God.

I realize that these journals tell a story with a theme and a purpose.  

By the time I’ve finished, I’ve read a memoir of a girl’s search for. . . something.  And in 2008, she finds what she’s looking for.  It was a neighborhood.  Real community.  It sounds basic, boring, and obvious.  But to me, it wasn’t basic.  It isn’t boring.  It was a secret hidden within and obscured by my longing for fame and wealth. 

How could an anonymous neighborhood be the end of the search?  Why and how would God deposit me in Central Pennsylvania and make all my dreams come true in a little neighborhood

Living with flair means asking yourself the story your life is telling.  Now, this is the book I would write in 2012.  Would you read it? 

What story is your life telling?


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5 thoughts on “The Book You Would Write in 2012

  1. Well, how interesting. I haven't looked at the High Calling  site for a couple months and just decided to pop in for a minute. I'm wondering why I've never heard of you before, though I listen to WITF and live in Central PA.
     I was surprised when I saw your article today about going through journals from 1993 and writing a book about them. That's what I've been working on for the last few months, also from the same time span.
    My book is called: “All about His love” and is a compilation of writings, poems and songs about love – in general – coated with forgiveness.
    I sure hope I'm done soon, it's really been more work than I imagined. I'm trying for the end of the month and self-publishing for now.
     I like your theme of  living with flair. Thanks for your site.
      Blessings, Mark

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