The Best Two Hours of the Day

I have a new theory about my day:  My day contains two great hours of creativity, productivity, and motivation.

It all goes downhill after that.

My two great hours (discovered after years of introspection and analysis) fall between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  During this time, I’m clear-minded, focused, and enthusiastic.  After this time, I’m hungry, sleepy, and less creative. 

Because of this new insight, I realize that if I’m going to write, that’s the time to do it.   And because of this new insight, I’ve observed in my daughter an interesting pattern:

My oldest daughter’s best two hours are between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  She loves homework then.  She’s full from dinner, cozy in her pajamas, and situated at her desk with all her pencils.  She’s creative, joyful, and motivated.  She’s tapping her feet, humming a tune, and rolling out her math problems in no time.  Hello, little night owl. 

I, however, like the after school homework routine.  I want work and then play.  I want homework first.  But this isn’t her rhythm.  I’m learning this only now. 

I’m thinking about these things today.  I’m learning to ask the family what their best hours are for creativity and work.  I might need to change our schedule to accommodate our best two hours of the day.  

What are your two best hours in the day?


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5 thoughts on “The Best Two Hours of the Day

  1. Hmmm….I'm thinking about this…sometimes I just take off with energy and creativity, but it's at different times during the day.  I think my best time is probably late morning, though. 

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