Something New to Try: Growing a Pineapple in Your Kitchen

Today, with my sore throat, chills, and aches, I walk around campus as one wading through swampland.  What good can come of this day?  I teach in a fog, drag my feet to the store, and then robot-like and half-asleep, put groceries in my cart.

Pineapple is on sale.

Back home, I read about the best way to cut pineapple, and I learn this from a neighboring website:  

You can grow pineapples inside your house.   A website shows me a step-by-step guide to cutting off the pineapple’s crown, letting in root in water for several weeks, potting it in soil, and then watching it grow to a mature plant.  Other sites claim that this fun project will keep children enthralled for the whole winter. 

I’m doing this!  I’m right this moment going to cut my pineapple, soak the crown, and let this new thing grow in my windowsill.  I’ll report back the progress.

Suddenly, the day shimmers with sweet pineapple warmth.  Living with flair means–no matter what kind of day we’re having–we discover some new and wonderful thing to try.

Have you tried this?