Increase the Fun

At the pool, my youngest begs me to go down the water slides with her. 

I have that feeling that I’m too old to do this sort of thing.  But then I see something that changes my mind.  

The Italian Mama goes down the slides whether her children are with her or not.  She does it for her own fun! I watch her climb the steep steps in her red bathing suit and then emerge in a great splash at the bottom of the slide. 

I follow her to the slides, challenged and inspired.  I remember her telling me that in any given day, 80% of life is work and only 20% is fun.  We want to tip the balance in favor of more fun

On this day, I think we did.  

Journal:  How are you going to increase the fun today? 


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One thought on “Increase the Fun

  1. Thanks for the post. Yes, we adults should remember to have more fun. It helps our children also. Never mind that I completley messed up my back a few years back on a water slide…but it has healed up and I would go down one again (just not that poorly designed one that killed my back) Best Wishes

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