What You Monitor

Today my youngest cries out, “Mom, please tell me that you have not written your blog for today!”

“I haven’t written my blog for today,” I tell her.  “Why?”

“Well, I found the thing you are supposed to write about!”

“You did?” I ask.

“Yes!  Come with me!  There’s a little twig hanging from our balcony, and I just know it’s a bird’s nest.” 

I go out onto the balcony, and there I see all sorts of tiny bird nests tucked into the gutters, the light posts, and even in the railings.  I hadn’t noticed them before, but now, they were everywhere.  The one by the neighbor’s light post has two blue eggs in it.

“What should I write in the blog?”  I ask her.

“Tell everybody this:  I traveled a very long way to Colorado.  I found a bird’s nest, and now I have things to check on every morning like I did back in Pennsylvania.

I realize how important–how wonderful–it is for children to observe something growing.  A vegetable garden, a bird’s nest, their own bodies. . .

Adults take great delight in monitoring growth, but I think we forget the pleasure in it.  Maybe that’s why I love listening to a professor teach me the book of Romans and help me look back over my own spiritual growth.  Maybe that’s why I blog every single day.  I’m monitoring my own ability to find the one good thing each day, no matter what.  

Journal:  What growing thing are you monitoring today?


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6 thoughts on “What You Monitor

  1. Clicking over from THC (although I've been to your place before!).

    I love it when our kids remind us of the important things! My daughter always cracks me up when she comes to me with a blog idea.

    What growth am I monitoring today? I have pink calla lilies that just sprung up. . .pink! They are beautiful.

  2. To add to Patricia's comment…What I love about this is how your children are an example to you! Somewhere in the Bible it talks about us needing to become like children.

    What a noble goal that is!!

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