Believing the Best

My daughters were flower girls in a wedding yesterday.   Their job was to follow the bride everywhere, keep their satin dresses clean, and smile.   I envisioned disaster the whole morning.  I could just see my youngest stepping on the bride’s train and sending her flying on her face.  I could just picture the oldest one stomping off in protest of having to stand still for the entire ceremony. 

I became a controlling, negative mother as I worried about their performance.  Those girls were going to ruin everything.

I imagined the worst.  I really did. 

But when the moment came, I turned and saw my girls walking perfectly down the aisle, casting rose petals left and right.  When I saw them standing still and smiling for 30 minutes, and when I saw how they gazed at the bride and floated around her like little angels, I felt ashamed at my own lack of faith in them. 

I’m a mom who imagines the worst instead of believing the best.  Something changed in my heart yesterday.  Instead of anticipating their failure, I learned to delight in those little girls.  I want to believe the best from now on.  Not just in parenting, but in marriage and in friendship.  And what about my relationship with God?  Do I believe the best instead of anticipating disaster? 

Living with flair means believing the best about people. 

Journal:  Who needs you to believe the best about him or her? 


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4 thoughts on “Believing the Best

  1. Heather, I loved this post. I needed this post! I have at times caught myself doing the same thing. Allowing vain imaginations to run wild in my head instead of trusting that all would go well. I think I need to believe the best when it comes to God because there are times when I feel as though he has not allowed something I wanted to happen occur. He could be keeping me from a lot of trouble. I have to believe the best about His intentions as well as those around me. Thank you for the sweet reminder!

  2. Sounds like a change from “scarcity” thinking to “abundance” thinking! Congratulations to your “angels.” I will start thinking abundantly…I love how you allow God to turn worrisome situations into opportunities for flair. “Flair” should soon become a “new” word like “Google,” with your definition :). Thanks.

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