This Question Might Help You Rejoice Today

During breakfast, my husband announces: “The tire man really helped me rejoice today!” 

I know that some flair is coming.

“What do you mean?” 

“Well, when I dropped off the car at the tire shop, I told the man how thankful I was that this flat tire happened in a parking lot and not out on the road in traffic.  I could change it safely in that lot and not on the side of the road.  But then guess what he asked me?”


“‘Was it raining?’ And I said, ‘No it wasn’t!  It was the only hour all week that it wasn’t raining!’  I was so thankful when I remembered that.”

My husband remarks that the tire man simply asked the right question to help my husband rejoice in the midst of something inconvenient. 

Living with flair means I ask the right questions to realize all the ways God is indeed protecting and providing even in the midst of trouble. 

Journal:  Was there a time in my life that God protected and provided for me even during trouble? 


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2 thoughts on “This Question Might Help You Rejoice Today

  1. My “grateful” thoughts do the same thing for me.

    One day I knocked over a freshly made cup of coffee. Amazed at how negatively I reacted to it, I decided to find ten things to be thankful for about the accident. I easily found twice that number (eg didn't scald myself, it happened on a floor that was easy to clean up, I wasn't in a rush, the mug didn't break, etc etc) and it changed my whole mindset. You are truly on to a good thing with your journal question.

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