4 thoughts on “Little Girl, Big Puddle

  1. When I was little our neighbor called my mom to tell her it was raining out and her children were in the street. Mom replied, “I know, I'm getting on my bathing suit…” And do you pretend to eat the delicious mudcakes she's sure to make?

  2. What is it about kids and puddles? Used to be, whenever we had a big storm, the drains on our street would clog creating a pond-sized puddle. The buzz traveled fast from house to house (street flood!) and all the kids ran out to splash and play. I have pictures of my son when he was about three standing knee deep in water in the middle of the street, with a happy, happy grin on his face.

  3. This brought back good memories of exploring melt-puddles myself in my own rubber boots, quite a few years ago. There is a special feeling in the air when there is still ice and snow but the air is warm enough to go out with just a sweater on. Thank you for triggering this pleasant memory.

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