Can a Small Adaptation Make You Happy?

As you know, we walk a mile to school every day.  I walk a mile to school and back every day.  As the weather dips below freezing into the single digits, I used to get grumpy about this.  I’d dread leaving my house to fight the bitter cold.

A Winter Coat! 

Not anymore. 

The Italian Mama alerts me last week to a sale on winter coats.  With my Christmas money in hand, I find a coat that promises to keep me warm.  I find one that will “keep me warm down to -15 degrees.”  It’s water resistant, has a “storm shield,” and features deep pockets for my cell phone and camera (for all my outdoor photography sessions). 

Suddenly, my circumstances are no longer a problem.  In fact, I love this coat so much that I race outside each morning and tell all the neighbors how warm I am.  “I’m just wearing a t-shirt underneath this!” I cry out.  I think I actually skip part of the way down the hill. 

Living with flair means I embrace adaptations when my external circumstances cannot change.  I think about the supplies I need to endure and thrive. 

Bundling Up

It might be as simple as a warm coat. 


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6 thoughts on “Can a Small Adaptation Make You Happy?

  1. I have always been creaky-cold in winter, feeling chill down into the marrow of my bones.

    Then…I found a leather coat with a thick fuzzy lining at Goowill.

    It has changed my life. Yes, this small adaptation has made me happy–even giddy! I love your exclamation, “I'm just wearing a t-shirt underneath this!” I could get by with that, too. It's *that* warm!

    My leather coat was as life-changing for me as your beautiful, puffy coat with deep pockets has been for you.


  2. The Scandanavians say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.” Yay for you to set a great example to your kids and keep moving even when its cold outside.

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